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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 25, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> okay tucker barnes in the weather center now. we know you do a great mick jagger but anybody else. >> no, i am a one trick pony. >> well, that is great. >> i can do a pretty good tony perkins but i will try to hold off. >> don't think i want you to do that. >> yeah, absolutely beautiful, sunshine, high 70 degrees, satellite picture, even though it says radar, clouds generally off west here in washington, bright blue skies and just a real nice day today, low humidity, high temperatures warmer than yesterday. 48 degrees washington, has been cool overnight, particularly north and west temperatures many spots, low 40s. humidity 77% and winds, out of the south and west, lighter today just a little breezy winds generally out of the west at 10 miles per hour here is your forecast today, and again lots of sunshine mild conditions by afternoon high
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temperatures there you go, 70 degrees by 4:00 p.m. good looking day, more details on the forecast take a peek at the weekend in just a minute back to you guys. thanks tuck. >> good news this morning for metro riders blue and orange line trains operating on a normal service schedule following last night's derailment metro was able to make repairs test the track gain normal service this morning on the blue and orange line. taking a look at our top stories this morning supreme court will take up the issue of arizona's controversial, illegal immigration law. democratic senator, chuck schumer held a hearing tuesday whether the law is unconstitutional requires officers to run a check on a person's immigration status if the officer suspects the person is in the u.s. illegally critics say that is blatant profiling, supporters says the a common sense way to reduce crime. >> north korea is claiming it has a weapon, that can hit the
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united states. a top north korean army official, says they have developed a powerful mobile weapon, and tells north korean policy makers the mobile weapon could quote, defeat the united states with a single blow. the threat comes as the communist nation celebrates the 80th anniversary of the north korean army today. new this morning the u.s. coast guard believes they have found the person who sailed off course in maryland. the victim's sailboat was reported missing 10:30 p.m. last night 2:30 a.m. this morning the coast guard located an over turned boat they went back out when the sun came up to search and daylight and found a person in cardiac arrest floating in the water so far no word on the victim's current condition. our big story this morning out of prince georges county, police say five people were found dead inside a house in oxen hill they believe carbon monoxide poisoning is to blame.
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>> this morning the fire department is taking action to make sure this doesn't happen again. fox 5s melanie alnwick joining us from the victim's neighbourhood good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison this action isn't just happening here in the south lawn community oxen hill the fire chief has ordered that firefighters and paramedics throughout mince georges county, go door to door this morning to talk to people about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. joining me now, mark brady. mark, how -- this is just a tough one for the county to take. >> certainly is. any time you lose a resident in a tragedy such as this, and compounded by losing five at one time, it certainly is a tragedy and has effected everybody. >> reporter: right and we know that we believe this was from the furnace correct? >> that's correct we are fairly confident we found the source being the furnace and a damaged ventilation pipe that leads up to the roof area. >> reporter: right and so i mean we have been talking monday night it was a cold
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night i put my heat on monday night as well which i hasn't done for awhile. >> certainly probably everybody did it was 3 degrees, up -- 32 degrees up to 40 degrees a lot of furnaces were in use. >> reporter: not just furnaces people need to worry about right? >> that's correct. it can be produced by any fuel burning appliance could have been the gas stove, the furnace as gasoline powered generator, car inside a garage, charcoal grill too close or operated in a garage we have seen before, numerous sources for carbon monoxide. >> reporter: what is it you are asking residents you are going door to door what are you going to do. >> we hope to be able to capture the heightened awareness of this particular incident and turn it into something positive we have heard a lot of stories about people calling a contractor to check their furnace they went out, purchased their own alarms installed them in their homes we will go out to communities here older homes, that have
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original appliances, and may be malfunctioning and talk to the residents, how to protect from co, having a detector in your home. >> it is one of those things you wouldn't know you had a problem until it is toileted. >> until it start -- too late. >> until it is started to effect you. the best thing a person can do is have a carbon monoxide detector installed and operating. >> you are giving out smoke detectors today but you do rely on community partners for donations of carbon monoxide detectors. >> we do. pepco has done a great job donating thousands of smoke alarms to us we provide free to citizens however, there is a price difference in a carbon monoxide alarm, which people do not donate them normally however, since this incident yesterday [ audio difficulty ] >> smoke alarms and ...
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>> we are having trouble with that shot if we can reestablish it we will bring it back. mad cow disease in california, is making headlines this morning, a cow tested positive for mad cow disease at a plant in happen ford california, it was randomly selected for testing at a transfer station department of agriculture is confirming this is the fourth ever case of mad cow in the u.s., no meat made it into the food chain dairy farmers are emphasizing people cannot get infected from drinking the milk from those cows. >> i want consumers to be very aware, that the milk supply is safe, this has no effect on the milk and that the meat supply is safe. that cow did not make it into the food chain. >> already though, some stores in south korea are reportedly suspending all sales of u.s. beef. mad cow disease of course can be deadly to people who eat
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meat from an infected cow. the first criminal charges are filed in connection with the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history but charges are not for the spill itself only deleting more than 300 text messages, a former bp engineer who ignored instructions from the company to save all records of the accident that killed 11 workers and sent 200 million- gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico he is charged with obstruction of justice and could get up to 20 years in prison for deleting the messages. in less than a half hour janet napolitano will testify regarding the secret service prostitution scandal in colombia. two more agents have been stripped of their security
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clearances. mitt romney swept five east coast primaries last night sarah simmons with more on the next phase in the race for the white house. >> tony, with five more states, romney says it is time for a new campaign, and that includes reconciling with previous rival rick santorum. >> i can say with confidence and gratitude you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility and together we are going to win on november 6th. >> >> mitt romney kept rolling, wins in connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania, rhode island. >> dreamers can dream a little bigger help wanted signs can be dusted off we can start again and this time we will get it right. >> newt gingrich spoke to supporters in north carolina and said he will still attend 23 scheduled events next week but will take tuesday's sweep by romney as a signal it is time to see if the gops best chance to beat president obama is with him as the nominee.
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>> i also want to do that in some body who is a unifier and realistic. >> president obama was target of both gop candidates but took it in stride on late night with jimmy fallon. >> do you know mitt romney? >> i have met him, but we are not friends. he seems like some body who cares deeply about his family and his wife is lovely. >> there was more fun moments during that show last night meanwhile we did not hear from congressman ron paul yesterday as for romney and santorum, a former santorum aid says the two will meet on may 4th. >> tony allison back to you. thank you very much. >> coming up a group of city kids take an out of the city limits to experience nature. >> a new film fly by light follow it is group. >> the film maker one of the young people involved are here to tell their story coming up. right now 9:09 a.m.
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we will be right back 
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hold on just a moment welcome back, fly by light is the story of 15 diverse and young people, who were up rooted from the hustle of inner city life to beautiful mountainoutdoors. for many of the teenagers this was their first time leaving the city and experiencing hikes and swimming in a creek and that type of thing. all this is captured on film adds a way of promoting peace among youth joining us with more information about all this are ellie walton film maker with meridian hills picturehawa the cofounder of one common unity and asia gardener one of the participants in the fly by light program she is a student atwood row wilson high school
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thank for coming in. let's start at the beginning, hawa the organization is one common unity, and you run the fly by light program tell me what it is. >> one common unity is a grass roots nonprofit organization we started in the year 2000 here in washington dc by a group of artists and educators, that were determined to stop, the violence that is correct was really perpetuating throughout the city, so many school shootings within the schools themselves we felt there was an important component of social emotional learning that was missing our goal has been to provide an out lift for young people to find their voices use art and music to create a space for them to see how they can use their compassion to transform communities. >> have you been happy with the results >> it has been phenomenal, you will be able to speak to asia in a second this is part of the results but our work is really to help young people to find
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ways to deal with their internal conflict trauma, emotions and find words and language to express it so we have been around for 12 years now doing this work, in the city and schools and rec center and running programs like fly by light, new view and other youth programs we have started. >> i want to ask you quickly tell me about fly by light itself and then asia i want to talk about your experience. >> it was inspired by this idea of helping young people that have not had the experience, outside of the city locks the concrete -- -- blocks the concrete, many young people are born in the upper cities never able to get outdoors, sit around a bonfire, our intention was up root them from what they know, so new learning could take place, unlearning and
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inspiration, find love for nature, find love for ourselves and create relationships. >> asia let me ask you what grade are you in? >> 11th. >> you got to go out into the country was this the first time you had done this? >> no, i have been going camping before i worked with art media house during the summer youth employment program. >> very good tell me what this experience was like and what your experience has been with fly by light >> amazing experience. i was really skeptical about going out with like all these strangers like people i have only known for two weeks into west virginia, some of the things we learned and even some of the strategies we used to handle difficult situations in life, so, handling social issues and all that stuff, i still use this very day. >> was it interesting to get to know these other people that you didn't know and maybe learn a little bit about them and their experiences. >> yeah, even now we are still
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a family, everything that we have been through together, we managed to stay together as a family. >> that's great. elli is the director of the movie we are seeing clips of it now. tell me about the experience of going out there, did you know what you would get, when you set up the cameras? >> not at all, that was the excitement of it, and especially as a film maker i think having this journey that we are going on and capturing and it was really beautiful especially having myself grown up in dc it was really important to first of all show what young people are really going through growing up and then to see what happens when you take them out of their comfort zone, and give them a space where they are surrounded by people who love them and are jump into creeks for the first time and seeing that joy on their face and the expression when asia is like coming up with that song and performing it, and seeing those walls that young people kind of put up in the city to survive, seeing
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them one by one come down. >> i was going to ask were some of the kids naturally there might be some resistance something new, something foreign you don't necessarily understand. so you sew that and you do see those walls drop. >> yeah, one young person who had never been outside the city she hated bugs, she wanted to go home, and by the end she actually stayed she called her mom, and asked to stay and she became a leader, one of the lead dancers and for the next group of young people who came in she was an example of some body who came out there, was totally nervous and then just like again, the walls came down and she opened out. >> where can we see this movie? i though there is one screening this weekend there is a bigger screening next thursday. >> yeah, thursday, may 3rd, josephine butler center northwest washington dc lightener malcolm x park, you know direct address. >> we have it up here, 2437, 15th street northwest, people, there is no actual cost but you
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are asking people to make a donation whatever they feel suggested 15 to $30. >> we are asking for donations because the film is in post production and we are grass roots nonprofit, elli has been an amazing, with the film making, we run off of volunteers and right now we are trying to finish important audio production on the film it is still in a rough cut stage but so ready to fly. you know and we just are looking for support from anyone who wants to help us finish the film. >> thank you all for coming in, i can't wait to see the film we wish you all the best of luck appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> allison over to you. >> thank you. coming up the basketball trick that turned one local 15-year- old into an internet sensation. >> one person's heroic actions when a teen fell into a well, that is coming up next first, time to check back with holly. >> hey, allison take a look at this this is the top of a wine
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bottle dug out of the ground here where we are live this morning and where an archaeological expedition is ongoing coming up we will talk all about the process of uncovering history from digging in the dirt, to washing objects actually putting them on display how you can be a part of all the fun, live later fox 5 morning news stay with us.
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may be hard to believe no one injured when this car drove down subway stairs in paris the driver saw a sign for parking and thought the stairs were actually entrance to a parking garage. didn't take him long to notice his mistake he was able to stop the car an employee at a nearby restaurant said the same thing happened a few years ago. maybe they should move that parking sign. >> scary moments for. >> oh,. >> sorry. >> two people in china we don't see this video before it airs
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people. when they were swallowed by the ground beneath them a teen was on her cell phone when the ground opened up she fell into a well a cab driver tried to rescue her but got stuck too the hole kept getting bigger finally firefighters were able to pull them out to safety, no body was hurt in this one. >> hmm. >> okay. >> startling. >> and a 15-year-old in frederick took to youtube to learn some basketball tricks now he is an internet sensation. >> take a look at this, after 30 tries, look at that. he was able to flip and make a hoop that. is pretty impressive. this video is from yesterday, when we sent our wisdom martin to find out what inspired this young man. >> a couple months ago i hit it in the pool off the diving board and then a couple months ago -- a couple weeks actually i tried it in my gym, half court and hit the first try and came over to his house and was
9:25 am
like let's try the shot again i will record it it took 20, 30 tries i finally hit it. >> awesome. >> wow. >> and yeah, as wisdom learned it is a lot harder than it looks >> wisdom didn't do the flip or anything. >> no >> i wish we had his shot again. >> fantastic. >> there are a lot of videos like this on youtube if you go, he is being very honest, took 20 to 30 tries but there is some amazing shots. >> that is awesome. >> kids doing basketball shots. >> president barack obama slows things down a bit on a late night talk show, his jam about school loans? >> we will find out next. >> maybe he was jamming,. >> i think yeah,. >> his jam about school loans next. with confidence he says. >> caps taking on the bruins they have already won two games this series, actually they have
9:26 am
won three games, can they bring home another win what anchors at our station in boston think about this show down. >> look who is now in studio, the boss, diana ross. >> thank you thank you so very very much. i would like to tell you, and you and you and all of you i love you. >> that is actually silvia, she is showing us her style. her many different faces coming up 9:45 a.m. 
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here is tucker barnes with an update on weather. >> sunshine across the area, i just stepped outdoors and almost kept going. i thought about it >> i know you did >> glad you stayed for a little
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while longer. >> thanks tony. >> 53 washington temperatures warming up 57 annapolis, and we had a frost advisory off to the north and west, and a freeze warning well out to the west, don't need that any longer, temperatures are off and running, near 70 this afternoon, 53 good morning quantico, 52 leonard town temperatures comfortable range should be very comfortable, this is one of our warmest days since early last weekend, since last saturday as we will touch 70 degrees this afternoon here is your sentinel sat rad you look fantastic clear skies across the mid-atlantic shower activity out to the south and west of us this morning that will not get in here today let's do the future cast for you, and we will mention, fine this afternoon things will change tonight cloud up late tonight by early tomorrow morning, showers, lingering afternoon tomorrow combination of a warm front, a cold front comes through big time changes
9:31 am
later tonight, tomorrow as the warm front moves through cooler air behind the cold front friday and saturday highs only back in the low 60s. 70. lots of sunshine perfect afternoon, winds out of the west, 10 to 15 miles per hour and then later tonight, your overnight low becoming cloudy overnight low 52 chance for a really early morning shower, thunderstorm tomorrow, towards day break when we see those out to the west, winds out of the south and east, 5 miles per hour your 5 day forecast, 73 tomorrow showers s even some thunderstorms in the forecast, friday, daytime high 63, had to make a couple changes in the weekend forecast as temperatures will be in the 60s and there could be a few showers saturday and sunday not a wash out like last sunday but a few showers back in the forecast for the weekend. >> tomorrow can we enjoy just like that 73 or the rain is going to dominate. >> you will enjoy that with cloud cover and thunder showers. >> in the afternoon mainly what
9:32 am
we are talking about although there could be a shower in the afternoon. >> today might be the patch of the week. >> today is. >> like it yeah, good temperature and good sky conditions as well. >> beautiful start to the day. >> thank you very much. >> hey,. >> caps head north, take on the bruins in game 7. >> all the capital players say they are ready to take on the stanley cup champions. >> joining us now to predict this final show down, gene and shannon from our sister station in boston good morning how are you. >> they are introducing us the same time we are introducing them. >> we hear you okay do you hear us. >> oh,. >> can you hear us shannon in good morning gene. >> we have to make it work can you hear us? shannon, gene. >> we can -- we hear you >> i don't hear anybody. >> i don't hear anything >> i hear you guys but shannon
9:33 am
can't. >> well, we will get her in here now. >> now i can hear them. >> we didn't need any three on one action there. >> not at this hour of the morning any way. >> this is a family show gene come on. >> i think we have already gotten a flavour of your show up there. >> bruins favorite tonight. >> what was that? >> i said a 3-1 final in favour of the bruins tonight give us a sense how big this is in dc i know that is mainly red skins country but how much into the hockey are you guys. >> big time this city we call it rocking the red everybody wears red when the caps are in this situation, arena at verizon center i am sure it is true for you guys as well, is so incredibly loud there is a lot of excitement but we do acknowledge that this is a big hurdle for the caps to get over because we've not traditionally done well in game 7s. >> not well at all.
9:34 am
>> tell us how things are up there. >> last year bruins won the stanley cup last year and won three game 7s on their road to the cup we feel good about the bruins chances. >> we have very recent memories i got to touch the cup last year and i was very excited about it we are excited about going for it again this year a lot of excitement of course we are a huge sports town here red sox, patriots diehard bruins fans. >> a lot of championship trophies we could show them to you guys because we know you don't know what they look like. >> oh, well, we plan on enjoying the stanley cup this year that was my question are you all starting to put in the contingency plan for when you lose this time because the prospect is so real. >> well, we can probably ask you guys because you know how the deal with that better than we can. >> oh, that is not nice.
9:35 am
>> that hurt. >> a little ice for that burn. >> here is the deal, yes, we acknowledge the bruins are great this is a great series. >> you are doing too much acknowledging tony. >> we are going to crush them tony. >> we are going to crush you guys, you had all your wins, you've run out of wins that is how i feel. >> we have been very spoiled up here with the success of bruins and celtics and red sox and patriots of course but we don't feel guilty,. >> no we expect nothing less. >> caps have done a terrific job in the series a lot tougher than anyone expected braden has been fantastic in goal. >> that alex ovechkin guy isn't bad. >> it will be a tough game but a tonne of fun. >> what a nice way to end. >> thank you so mucher for joining us. >> have a great day up in
9:36 am
boston good luck to you may the best team win. >> yeah, that would be nice. have you been up to the boston station. >> it is beautiful. >> love it. >> studios you got windows out there everything man it is nice. >> mm-hmm. >> we got some -- >> yeah, we do our best. >> they have stanley cup we have paper cup. >> we have a water cooler. >> coming up, we will check in with tmz, boy they've got some stuff to talk about. >> if we could see the prompter it would be much easier to talk about the kardashians we will find out when we talk to tmz [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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>> potus stands for president of the united states. >> he's the potus with the mostest. >> president obama stopped by the late night with jimmy fallon show to help slow jam the news, the episode was taped during the president's trip to the university of north carolina at chapel hill where he spoke with young voters about interest rates on federal school loans. pretty funny stuff. >> thanks so much. it is funny the kardashians signed a new deal and derek salahy wants -- derek salahy says he wants to help the state of virginia. >> live in l.a. this morning for the latest, good morning dax. >> good morning how are you guys. >> good doing well we reported, yesterday that pillar sanders was the aggressor in a domestic incident with dion sanders but now they are twisting this what
9:41 am
is going on in this ugly case. >> yes, we found out over the weekend when they had this huge altercation, huge little altercation, huge little, huge altercation, sounds like dion was claiming pillar and his friend jumped in the room attacked him he called 911 she was arrested now we are finding die on was cited and given a ticket for misdemeanour battery or assault and he obviously it is not as bad as what she said, so you know they are going to continue investigating the big thing they should not be living under the same roof, they have been going through this very nasty divorce, living in a massive mansion, like 28,000 square feet and they figure we will still live under the same roof even though we are doing this that way we don't see each other that much but it turned out poorly for them. >> the other rule, never tweet until you find out if you are going to get arrested. >> that's true too.
9:42 am
>> dax, let's move on, make it stop kardashians are back for three more years. >> they are back for three more years signed the richest deal in reality tv show history basically $40 million, next three years keeping up with the kardashians and we know, a lot of them are getting the same pay, so chris, courtney, chloe, kim they are all taking the lions share of that $40 million but dividing it evenly so kim is not making more than the rest of them anything like that, and it tiers down depending on where you are in the family, so kendall and kylie get a little less and then scott and mason they get a little less as well but never the less, everyone is really happy with this and spin off shows they get m so, if kanye west and kim decide to do a spin off show, they will get more money on top of that and this does not include product placement, product deals anything like that so they will make a fortune. >> wow. >> got the keep the drama up
9:43 am
for three years. >> we have home grown drama with terek salahy wanting to be governor. >> so he announced candidacy for being governor of virginia, saying this he you know wants to make sure, all the political heads aren't wasting all the taxpayer money he says he can regulate it and he things he would be a great candidate for governor i am not so sure about that. but i will let everyone out there decide. for themselves. >> i don't think you are very far off the mark with that assessment dax. >> he says everyone is allowed to come crash the inauguration. >> dax holt, and the whole tmz crew catch them tonight. >> here is the thing he can't get his mom to vote for him or his ex-wife. >> it must be hard trying to stay in the spotlight must be exhausting. >> takes a lot of energy. >> any way tony over the you. >> tony might vote for him. >> none of the people he owes
9:44 am
money to would vote for him either this list gets longer and longer. >> still ahead, ancient artifacts, holly is getting her hands dirty as she helps uncover some of our nations past how you can take part in this archaeology dig. >> plus, silvia, morrison, in studio, you saw her just a little bit ago as wendy williams coming up she will tell us about her show this weekend and do another impression for us stay with us we will be right back  i'm really going to miss you. my new apartment isn't that far away. it's 4.2 miles away ! with this droid razr... motorola... verizon 4g lte... video... skype. you're gonna get lost. this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. okay.
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this guy day and saturday night you can see impression -- friday and saturday night you can see impressionist, silvia, morrison, at the riot act comedy theatre she joins us to talk about the show and display some of her notable
9:48 am
personalities here she is, i am thrilled that you are here. i have to -- we have to enup to this, -- own up to this we have known each other for a long long time but i haven't seen you in many many years i am so happy about all your success. >> thank you >> when did you start doing comedy. >> oh, my god i love to tell this, in my live shows i did my first professional act at constitution hall ready 1969. >> what? >> 1969 i was a baby girl a young girl but that was my first professional show. >> really. >> i was on stage with you know, three of my colleagues, doing the show,. >> that is a pretty nice beginning. >> yeah but now, i left the scene because i had the girls i have two daughters, and right after i toured with whitney houston. >> which go on with this i want to talk to you about that.
9:49 am
>> then i left for awhile and then i had a stint with saturday night live just a wonderful beginning. >> when i started doing comedy you were already on the scene, but and you were you know, a named comedian here in washington and then you had all these other things that went on let me ask about whitney first of all, you got to know her pretty well. >> i did two acts on her show, silvia opened whitney closed she didn't want anything else in between, after, i opened for her she closed the show >> i have done when i did comedy i did a lot of -- i opened for sheila e once at a club in richmond and opening for a musician can be a tough thing. >> yeah, and you opened for sheila e. >> bizarre story. >> yeah, opening for musicians is different than for another
9:50 am
comic. >> right the good thing with whitney houston is, the whitney i knew was just incredible a wonderful person so i haven't been able to say anything bad about her because i don't know anything bad. >> we are not looking for anything bad. >> saturday night live, traditionally back then a men's -- white guys, writing the show you are one of the few african americans to break through and write for that show tell me about that experience >> i remember garrett morris, took me over to meet mr. michaels because i had hosted the mohammed ali roast at the apollo theatre, legendary apollo theatre. so took me over there and mr. michaels told me he was honored i respect him for it he sat there and said silvia, we have issues writing about black women hopefully you can come in and tone it down a little bit you know and help us because everything we write about black women just seems to be wrong.
9:51 am
and i said i can do it. >> good for him to. >> i appreciate that. >> so much to talk about you have a book out. it is called almost there, almost. many faces of silvia morrison tell me about the title and book. >> the title i came up with the title because i felt like i almost made it almost there, you know i was running around with people like whitney houston, doing shows for saturday night live, on tour with the temptations and the four tops and glad disknight all these i was almost there, and then i had to break down, and -- well, it is in the book. it is all in the book. >> so thinking right now are very good you are very happy with everything going on. >> it is almost like just stuff is coming from out of nowhere, people are calling from all over the world, the book has really changed my life. >> it is out now. >> it is out now, you can get it on the website, or amazon.
9:52 am
>> doing show this is weekend riot act. >> a great venue. >> oh, my god you know what if you guys have never been to riot act it is a wonderful wonderful place it seats about 300, 400 people. >> i think we have the information on screen i can't see and hear we have to go can you give me a quick whoopi goldberg >> i sure will. >> you guys node to really thing about coming out to riot act this weekend you know, they've got like four shows, 8:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m., 801 a street northwest come on down i'll be there take care. >> that is great so wonderful to see you thanks for coming by. >> silvia, back to you allison. >> thank you. holly morris is channeling her inner indiana jones today taking a trip to virginia, where they hold archaeology expedition programs good morning been a fun morning. >> it is a fun morning if you like to get dirty archaeology
9:53 am
is for you, and more so, if you like to learn and have a thirst for knowledge, archaeology is for you. it is about uncovering a story this is a three year archaeology expedition ongoing they are in their third year investigating the lives of the slaves that lived and worked here during madson's day and right now, you saw earlier we were undigging stuff well, what do you do with that dirt and artifacts that is where cara and say come in cara is a staff archaeology, say is a purpies pant what are we going. >> part of our -- participants what are we doing? >> part of our job here, the dirt goes into there we measure out the gallons, we throw them into this mesh screen quarter inch mesh the idea behind this, we are shoving all the dirt through and things like artifacts will tend to pop up. >> so just straining dirt.
9:54 am
>> exactly. >> then you know, like you see this piece of glass here, what do you do with this. >> this is going to go into our artifacts bag, so we have. >> highly technical. >> i see that. >> so we have all the information about the sites and location where it comes from unit and specific, strike that that it comes out -- strat that it comes out of. that generates an idea about where, the occupation layer might have been some they are disposing of trash in this sheet array, so we get an idea, you know of what sort of like material culture they have. >> learn more of the story. >> exactly. >> say you came all the way from new york. >> yes. >> what drew you to this week of exploring. >> i have been on one other site like archaeological expedition before so i found that interesting and this was closer to home than the last
9:55 am
one so i came over here and i have been learning a lot and getting a lot of exercise. >> very good. >> so archaeology helps you stay fit see, just another reason to get involved thank you so much i want to make sure i make time for katie because after you sift through then you got to wash it all off so katie also a staff archaeologist here is doing just that tell me about this process. >> i am. so they get put in a paper bag as you saw and transferred to us i work in the lab, but i am taking care of all the artifacts we have pulled out of the ground you treat them all differently in this screen here plain water i am brushing off the glass and ceramics and also use water to clean off bones this is unclean bone. >> wow. >> this is clean bone this is an unclean ceramic you can see ifs full of dirt >> i want people to understand you get lab time you get to do all this. >> you get to hang out with me. >> hang out with katie all the
9:56 am
archaeologists are super fun with you here are treasures you have -- but here are treasures you have found in 30 second it is highlights. >> this is stuff we pulled out on the site you are on now in the 90s. why we came back here this is household stuff which is really interesting, so this would be, the side of a plate that would be someone's dinner plate, this is a stone ware vessel, utilitarian, carrying things in the kitchen, storage piece of a door. >> very cool. >> if fact we could talk about it forever you need to come out and experience it, for yourself. channel your own inner indiana jones, we have link to mount pellier you want to find out more, more fox 5 morning news when we come back stay with us the more products we touch around the s sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system.
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